Shattered Lives (Book 1)


​Secrets... Lies... Betrayal.

A thrilling story of when deception and coverups intertwine the lives of three people. Tami who is has kept a devasting secret from her husband that can decimate her marriage.

Ramona who is on the path of destruction to avenge her father's death. Nick who is undeniably handsome and charismatic finds himself caught in the middle of a plot of revenge and a secret passionate affair. 

Shattered Lives is a thrilling, suspenseful, and romantic story of one person's act of deception that changes the course of multiple lives.

Shattered Hearts (Book 2)


It takes one second for your life to change forever... 

On a night out on the town, Ramona meets someone who isn’t whom he appears to be. Although her intuition tells her to stay away, his good looks and charms convince her to ignore her inner voice. They briefly date and their relationship goes south after he turns her life upside down and leaves a path of destruction along the way.  To escape him, Ramona turns to someone from her past. Together they rebuild the pieces of her life until another bombshell threatens to dismantle it for good. 

Shattered Hearts is the second book in The Shattered Series. 

Shattered Truth (Book 3)

ASIN: B07S867FB4


After many obstacles, Ramona and Nick are finally engaged and ready to begin their lives together. There's only one problem a woman from Nick's past is claiming he is the father of her child. 

Ramona refuses to walk away from Nick, and tragedy strikes. As a result, secrets are unburied and someone from her past returns that shakes her to her core. 

Shattered Truth is the final and third book in The Shattered Series. It is a suspenseful, page-turning romantic suspense story. ​

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