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Reckless Betrayal.jpg
Reckless Betrayal (Book 1)

ASIN:  B096G4B4K8

Aria Kingston, an heiress to a media empire, has only loved one man. The problem is, she destroyed his heart years ago and moved away. When she returns home to find her parents murdered and her life suddenly in danger, she has no choice but to turn to her ex-boyfriend, Jace Laredo.

As the son of a former Navy SEAL, and a protection specialist for Elite Arms, Jace takes Aria to their safe house. Once there, they attempt to heal old wounds. Just when he decides to let down his guard, Aria is abducted. Jace must then race against the clock to save her.

Reckless Betrayal is Book One in a page-turning, suspenseful, second-chance steamy romance.

Reckless Secrets.jpg
Reckless Secrets (Book 2)


Aria has settled into her new life in Malibu when she comes

across her father's updated will. She has no choice but to return to the life she'd left behind and claim what's rightfully hers. Soon after she arrives in San Diego, Aria learns of the life-changing secret Jace has kept from her.

Jace had always planned to tell Aria the truth, but not until he thought she could handle it. He never imagined his dishonesty would rip their relationship apart and cause her to do the unthinkable. Once Jace learns of Aria's devastating actions, he rushes to save her. But is he too late?

Reckless Secrets is Book Two in The Reckless Series. It is a steamy, page-turning Romantic Suspense.

Reckless Decisions.jpg
Reckless Decisions (Book 3)


After the death of Dominic Moretti, Aria is arrested and faces life in prison. Jace refuses to sit idly by and depend on the slow wheel of justice. He will do anything to prove Aria's innocence, even if that means placing his own life at risk.
Although the couple's road to a happily ever after has been filled with difficulty, Jace is determined to overcome what he believes is their last hurdle.

Will Jace save Aria in time, or will their chance at happiness slip away?

Reckless Decisions is Book Three in The Reckless Series. It is the final book in this romantic suspense series.


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