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Storme of Lies2.jpg
Storme of Lies (Book 1)



Everything about Kinsley Brookes is a lie. She changed her identity to escape an abusive and controlling man. She ran straight from him and into the bed of rich and powerful Lucas Storme. Kinsley has a new life and a handsome man to share her nights with. Just as she has a second chance at love, her past threatens to destroy everything.


A quick visit to the jewelry store lands Lucas Storme in the middle of a robbery. The second the gunman orders everyone to the ground, he doesn't hesitate to protect the beautiful stranger at his side. He shields her from gunfire, and months later, she peels back layers of his cold heart. When Kinsley's past catches up to her, Lucas must fight like hell to save her or risk losing her forever.

Storme of Danger 2.jpg
Storme of Danger (Book 2)
ASIN: B0B728RM86
Christian Storme has turned Farrah's life upside down. One minute he wants her, and the next, he pulls away. The night they met, there was an undeniable steamy connection. It didn't take long for Farrah to fall hard for the middle Storme brother. When he refuses to give her what she needs, Farrah moves on to someone new. That person quickly turns obsessive and begins stalking her. Soon, Farrah finds her life in danger and has no choice but to turn to the man who has broken her heart countless times.


Farrah Michels mesmerized Christian from the start. She entered the 

room and took his breath away. After spending one passionate night together, he can't get Farrah out of his mind. He and Farrah date, but she wants more than he can give. Christian feels he has no choice but to pull away. After Farrah moves on with someone new, she finds her life in danger. When she goes missing, Christian does not hesitate to help the woman, who has captured his heart.

Storme of Regret.jpg
Storme of Regret (Book 3)




Noelle Nichols wants out of her marriage and away from her corrupt politician husband. When she stumbles upon information that can send him to prison, her life suddenly becomes in danger. After someone ransacks her home, Noelle feels she has no choice but to turn to the man whose heart she ripped apart years ago.


Tyler Storme has sworn off love and relationships. He prefers to spend his energy into growing his business, Storme Security and Investigations. But when Noelle, a woman from his past, begs him to help keep her safe, the walls that surround his heart slowly lower. As he and Noelle regain their lost trust, what she’s hiding inch closer to the surface. Tyler doesn’t know Noelle holds a secret that will turn his life upside down and the entire Storme family.



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