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Betrayed by You (Book 1)


​Justin is rich, handsome, and sexy as hell. I gave him my heart, and now he's gone.

Ava Sinclair believes she has met the man of her dreams in hotel developer, Justin Harrington. He pursued her, and after several tries, she relented to his charm. 

After a passionate night together, Ava wakes with Justin gone and the police at her door.

To get answers, she turns to her detective ex-boyfriend, Brandon. Together they search for the truth. Ava soon learns all is not as it seems, and the one closest to her has committed the ultimate betrayal.

Betrayed by You is a sexy romantic suspense novel. It is Book One in The Deception Series.

Deceived By You.jpg
Deceived by You (Book 2)


Ava owns my heart, but my secrets will break hers.


Justin Harrington is in love with Ava Sinclair. He has convinced her to take a chance on their love and embark on a new life with him in California. Waiting for him is a deceptive scheme to destroy what he's built.

In a world of wealth and power, it is difficult to know whom to trust. Justin and Ava must fight to stay together when outside forces want to tear them apart.

Conned By You.jpg
Conned by You (Book 3)

He believes he owns me and will kill to have me.


After many obstacles, Ava and Justin are engaged to be married. Everyone is happy for them except for someone in Ava's past. When Ava is abducted while Justin is out of town, he must race to save her before time runs out.


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